Now from here to Where?

Well, enough has been said and done about device drivers in linux! I'd love to add something of my own as this is my key field of interest. I have been working with device drivers and kernel modules since early 2k6(my 5th semester).
I personally feel that kernel programming is the next step after you have strong concepts in C programming. 'We must believe in order to acheive.' Yeah that should be the driving phrase if you want to dedicated yourself to kernel programming and OpenSource developer community!
I could have written a lot on Kernel Programming and starting off with device drivers. But due to scarcity of time I have to wind up quickly today on a note that I'll be back with more.
Meanwhile, you all kernelHEADS can go through this article which provides with the basics of Writing Device Drivers.

Sorry for the small post. I'll surely be back with more. Take care. Ciao!
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Kevin said...

May God bless you with enough time !!!