Its been a long time that my friends and colleagues have been asking me to write. I always had something or the other to say. Well, come on, anyone is not so busy to invest 5 minutes on a blog entry daily. So, finally I am here posting my first entry. As you all might have guessed, yes, I am a final year student of Computer Science & Engineering. This one's for you folks. I intend to be regular with my posting, on everything I know or have known so far, about technology, life and other determinant aspects.
My special thanks to several people who have inspired me to write either by direct word of mouth or by their successful blogs/sites : Puneet Chawla, Nitin , Ankur .

I have been working on the linux kernel for about an year now. Written couple of device drivers and tweaked plenty of modules in MINIX OS.
Will write more about everything related to the mysterious OS and its Kernel in the upcoming posts.
Have a great day ;)


nity said...

Nice words...and good work
keep ur posts as interesting and knowledgeable as ever!

Kevin said...

illaa...awesome beggining...n im surprised to see my name as well ...arae...All abt Linux...i will hav to keep it updated...
i can see that its not an effort of 5 minutes but more than 50 minutes..
i'll definitely keep my eye on ur nxt sophisticated blog ...also vaastuchacha..heheh
Indeed..its an gud effort ...i didnt knw othrs also have been insistin u to spawn ur creativity!